Gavin Hoyte Interview

Gavin Hoyte Interview

At the age of 26 years old Gavin Hoyte is one of the latest additions to the Concave family and the Eastleigh right back chooses the Volt+ as his choice of footwear when kicking ball. We caught up with the man who was born in Leytonstone, London, to plain and simply talk football and here’s what the man himself had to say...

How did you get into football?

I got into football by playing for my local team called Ridgeway Rovers and that all started at the of 9 years old.

Who did you look up to at the time?

At the time, my brother Justin, he was playing for Arsenal so I always looked up to him from a young age, as I was always going to watch his games and wanted to do the same as him.

How would you say your surroundings affected you, growing up?

I was fortunate enough to come from a sporting family. My Mum, Wendy and Dad, Les, were runners in their time. My Mum ran for Great Britain so I always had that sporting background.

When did you first get noticed and start to believe that football could be a career for you?

I first was playing for Ridgeway and we had a game at the Highbury stadium. It was indoors and was called the JVC Centre back then and from that game there was about 3 or 4 of us who got called up to play for Arsenal and go training with them. From what my parents both did you would think I would've gone into athletics but they always gave me and my brother the choice of what to do. We did both do athletics when we were younger but chose football. I ran for Essex in English schools then had the choice to choose athletics or football. My reason for choosing football was I love football and liked being in a team sport and enjoyed it more than athletics, where it’s just you.

What steps were made and where has football taken you so far in your career?

I started at Arsenal from 9 years old and got a scholarship before signing professionally. From there I have been on loan to a fair few teams… I’ve been to Watford, Brighton, Lincoln and AFC Wimbledon then I signed for Dagenham and Redbridge for 2 years. After that I signed a 1 year deal at Gillingham and I’m currently now at Barnet. I have also played internationally for England at U17’s to U20’s and currently got called up for Trinidad and Tobago.

What would you say is your most memorable moment in football so far and why?

I am going to say two memorable moments… One was making my Premier League debut for Arsenal playing against Manchester City and then the second moment would be coming on in a friendly against Argentina for Trinidad, where we played at the River Plate stadium. Hard to say which one!

Who would you say helped you the most in your career and what's the best piece of advice you've been given?

The people who have helped me the most are definitely my brother and my parents. From a young age my parents would always be there to support me and they would try to come to every game possible no matter where it was. The best piece of advice would be a saying I heard... “If it’s got to be it’s up to me.” - I would say that has been the best. You hear a lot of quotes but that one sticks in my mind the most.

Did you always play in the position you play in now?

At youth level I played as a CB and there was one season where I think it was U14’s and if we was losing they would put me upfront. I’ve never been a striker but they would put me upfront because I was quick and I scored a few back then but as I got a professional contract I got moved to right back.

What would you say is your strongest attribute?

My strongest attribute would be my speed. I approach training nowadays to be a winner in everything I do. I have just come back from an ACL injury which put me out for 9 months so I try to keep on top of my knee rehab.

Do you have any superstitions on a matchday?

I have a few superstitions! If I have played well and we have won I always try to keep same routine as that previous winning game so I would eat the same food for breakfast and pre-match and I would also listen to same music before the game.

What were your first thoughts when trying on Concave boots?

The first time putting on my Concave boots I noticed how lightweight they were and how comfortable they are.

How does your boot help your game?

Well, I wear the Volt and it helps my game because they are a lightweight boot and I’m about speed so it helps me.

What do you get up to outside of football?

I have my wife and two kids who all keep me very busy so I’m usually taking them to football, swimming, gymnastics or dancing but in my spare time I like to play FIFA.

What music and TV are you in to?

The music I’m into is hip hop. TV I have just finished the series called Power. Very good that! Looking to start a new one maybe How To Get Away With Murder or Orange Is The New Black. Finally my favourite film is Inside Man.

Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

I’d like to get through this season and back to full fitness and hopefully gain promotion back into the football league, by helping my team and playing as many games as possible.

Finally, what tips would you give to any young aspiring footballers?

For young footballers the main thing is to enjoy what you do! Always try your best as hard work beats talent when talent doesnt work hard.

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