Jess Carter Interview

Jess Carter Interview

At just 19 years old, Jessica Carter has already made her mark on the women’s game and represented Birmingham City Ladies at Wembley, in the FA Women’s Cup Final. Not only that, the England youth team player picked up the prestigious PFA Young Women’s Player Of The Year Award, as she got recognised as one of the most exciting talents to look out for in the women’s game. We caught up with the newly signed Concave athlete...

How did you get into football?

My older brothers played football and used to watch them play. My Mum and Dad wanted to give me something to do while my brothers played, so I just kicked around at the local team when I was about 5. The manager said that I was equally as good as the boys in the year above, so they put me in a team and I’ve played ever since. I stuck with them until I was about 15 and then I had to move to the girls team. Then me and my friend went to open trials at Aston Villa and Birmingham. Both clubs wanted to sign me on the first day of the trials. There were 4 stages of the trial, but the wanted me to sign on the first day and obviously I chose Birmingham.

Do your brothers get out to watch you?

Yes they do! Not as much now but they still come and support with my family.

Were there any other sports you played?

Yes, I played a lot of sports when I was younger – swimming, athletics, basketball and netball. Rugby was my second sport and I played that to county level and then I had to choose between football and rugby. At the time I actually preferred rugby but obviously the women’s game in football was progressing a lot quicker than rugby so I chose football.

What’s your favourite position in football?

I’d probably say central midfield. You have more freedom there to get involved in not just defending but attacking as well.

What’s been your most memorable game so far?

My debut in the Champions League versus Arsenal, in the quarter final. I was a grass roots player and you don’t ever expect to get that far so that was big for me, especially as I did well and we won to get into the semi’s. Also the FA Cup Final more recently, although we got beaten badly, it's still the FA Cup and you don’t expect to get there. We take all the negatives from the game and learn from it.

What’s your target and your ambitions for your career?

I haven’t got any targets at all. I’m the kind of player who just takes each game as it comes. At some point I would want to try a different league and something new, but it's not something I must achieve, I’m just happy playing consistently for my club and hopefully get some trophies with them.

Which international team would you choose to play for, USA or England? With your Dad being American...

I did think that I’d like to play for the USA but England was the place that gave me the chance when I was 16 so I’d feel a bit of a traitor if I went to the USA, so I’d stick with England.

Where did you first come across Concave?

Well I saw it when I was just looking for boots, a long time ago. I kind of just noticed them but never went for them, but I’ve always liked the look of them. Emily Westwood wore the boots and she recommended them so I got in touch and asked for some boots. Now I wouldn’t change them and I like them a lot. I like how they’re different to other brands and not everyone has them.

How do you find the PowerStrike Technology?

Yes, I like it a lot. Again it’s something different and it’s a different feel to any boots I’ve tried before and they’re definitely the most comfortable boots I’ve worn.

What was the response from the other girls when they saw you in the boots?

Everyone was just wanting to know what they were. It was something different so they were interested to know how they were different from other brands. Everyone seems to like them but a lot are stuck in their ways with their current boots.

What do you get up to outside of football?

Not a lot! Just the normal stuff... Music, TV, sleep, cinema. My life’s pretty plain.

What films are you into?

Anything that’s not scary! That’s not for me... I’m such a jumpy person, it’s too much. I’m such a wuss, I don’t understand why people want to put themselves through that - watch a comedy.

What do you think of the support for female football?

It's gotten so much better. Now that there’s a lot more girls playing at grassroots level. There’s a thing called the sister club initiative that most clubs are doing to try and get more girls involved in football. With regards to people coming to the games, there was 30,000 at the FA Cup Final, which is good. And also with the Euro’s, a lot of people have been watching, with it being televised which makes it better for people. Since I’ve been playing it's got better and better each year.

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