Ragnar Ache Interview

Ragnar Ache Interview

German born, Ragnar Ache, is a young baller who moved to the Netherlands at the age of 11. Now playing for Sparta Rotterdam, we caught up with the young man himself, who’s currently rocking the Volt boots from our Arctic Flare Pack range...

What got you into football?

I always had a passion for football and when I was 4 years old I started playing football at SPVGG 03 Neu-Isenburg. At first I didn’t like it and I quit for 1 month but that didn’t feel right so I started again.

When did you start to believe that football could be a career for you?

When I moved to the Netherlands and a year after that I went to Sparta Rotterdam.

What’s been the best feeling so far, through football?

That moment when I signed my first contract and went to the training camp.

Who would you say has helped you the most so far in your career?

My parents and my agent. My mother always helps me with football. She comes to almost every game and often brings me and picks me up. Also my step father helps me a lot.

Did you always play in the position you play in now?

I played as goalkeeper in Germany but when I moved to the Netherlands I became a striker.

What would you say is your strongest attribute?

My strongest attribute is scoring. Always before or after the training I shoot a few balls and I make a target and try to shoot the ball in that area.

Do you have any superstitions on a matchday?

No superstitions I just always listen music 90 minutes before the game.

What were your first thoughts when trying on Concave boots?

When I saw the boots I was really excited and knew that these shoes were going to be comfortable to play in.

What boot do you wear and why?

I wear the Volt. I used to wear both the Volt and the Halo but now just the Volt. That’s my boot. I like them because they’re light and I’m a fan of the design. When I shoot the ball I feel like I have more control of where it goes, that’s for sure!

What do you get up to outside of football?

I like playing and watching basketball, American football and of course watching football as well.

What music and TV are you into?

I listen to hip hop and German hip hop. I don’t watch TV series, I like to watch cartoon and anime. My favourite film would have to be Fast & Furious.

What does the future hold for Ragnar Ache?

Well, my target for this season is to play in many games and score a lot of goals. It’s an amazing experience to play on the highest level in Holland.

How did you feel about your recent appearance against NAC Breda?

It was an amazing feeling but it was even better because we came back from a 2-0 deficit.

Finally, what tips would you give to any young aspiring footballers?

Always do your best because you never know who is watching you.

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