Satara Murray Interview

Satara Murray Interview

At the young age of 23 years old Satara Murray already has some incredible stories and the Brooklyn born footballer is now living and balling in England, for Liverpool Ladies Football Club and we managed to sit down with the newly signed Concave athlete to discuss her footballing career so far...

Where do you put your allegiance too considering you're so well travelled?

Well, I was born in Brooklyn then moved to Austin, Texas, when I was 5 but I'd definitely say I'm from Texas. A lot of people don't know that I was actually born in Brooklyn because when people ask me where I'm from I'll always say I'm from Texas but I have a lot of family, still, back in Brooklyn. I'm a proud Texan though. I have a massive Texas flag hanging in my room at home.

Do you support any female soccer teams in the US?

My best friend plays for the Boston Breakers, in the NWSL so I’m gonna say I support her every minute of the day. When they’re playing I’ll definitely watch them play. My university, we produce so many professional athletes in women's soccer so a lot of my former teammates from Carolina are spread out sporadically across the NWSL so wherever they’re playing I’m definitely going to support them. Other than that, I’m a huge fan of Washington Spirit as I played for their reserves. The summer of my senior year before I went back to school for my last and final season, I actually played in a summer league in Washington for them. There was a bunch of college players that came together to play and I fell in love with the organisation as a whole. I fell in love with the spirit, I fell in love with the pro team and I thought it was really cool.

Once you became pro and knew you had a career in football, did your support for certain teams change?

Not really, it’s been pretty much the same. In terms of national team stuff, my Mum is English so I’m a dual citizen of both America and the United Kingdom so when it comes to the national team stuff I have represented England, last year, in the U23’s and so my allegiance is with that but I still support the US and their national team. Anytime they play it’s always really cool to watch them play. They have such great players but it’s the same for England as well.

So what team do you support in England?


Were you a Liverpool fan before you signed for them?

No, I wasn’t. I did watch their games but when I was younger, like 14 or 15, I supported Man Utd. They were like the team at the time and you’d watch them play and dream about playing like that one day. As I grew older, I thought they became overrated and I’m really not a fan of them now. Now I watch Liverpool play and since Klopp has joined he’s turned the team around. He’s really cool and watching them play when Brendan Rodgers was there is really different to now.

Would you say the female game tries to emulate certain styles of play from the men’s game or do they go completely in their own direction?

I think in some aspects we try to emulate the men’s game but for the most part we try to go in our own direction as well. I think women’s football is a bit more physical in a sense. Obviously with men, everything is a lot faster but women’s football is a lot more physical in my opinion. But just like in the men’s game we like to play possession football and the pretty style of football.

Who’s the best player you’ve played against?

This is hard! I’ve played against so many good footballers but I would probably have to say Fran Kirby from Chelsea. She’s a fantastic player!

Satara Murray
I don’t know if it was the boots but I felt like a completely different person and it was so cool

Now, the best player you’ve played with...

Hands down Crystal Dunn from Washington Spirit and the USWNT. She is unreal. It’s kind of a tie between her and Fara Williams, who’s at Arsenal now but I played with her last year at Liverpool and she’s just brilliant. But I played with Crystal for three years and every year I was amazed by something she would do so I’d definitely have to say her.

So from Brooklyn, to Texas, to the UK… How was that transition?

It’s like a rollercoaster! Last year I was in an environment where I was constantly on the go, balancing between soccer and school, back and forth. It was hard, I won’t lie. I came to Liverpool thinking that how I did in college was going to transition to here as a professional but man was I wrong! I had so much learning to do and I made so many mistakes. To be fair it was probably one of the worst seasons I’ve had as a footballer. It was just a massive learning process. I went from being class as an extremely talented college athlete to being like a mediocre professional. Do you want to be known as that person? I took it for what it was, moved on and came back this year having a much better season and I learned a lot from how easy I thought that transition was going to be. Girls here are stronger, faster, they’re more sophisticated on and off the ball. You have to be aware of certain things and I wasn’t aware of any of that stuff so nobody told me it was going to be that hard, I just kind of had to learn. This year I’m finally finding myself though. It just took a bit of humility and I think I needed that. I take it for what it was and I’m enjoying football so much more this year. It’s been a really fun year so far and I want keep going in the direction we are.

Outside of football do you follow any other sports?

I follow Miami Heat in the NBA... Even though everybody has gone I still like the Heat. I became a fan of them back when I was 6 when they won that title but I’m like a huge Lebron James fan too.

Where did you first hear about Concave?

My agent, at the time, told me about Concave and I hadn’t heard much about the brand before but he sent me a pair of boots and I liked them, they felt nice! I told him if they are interested in me signing up and being part of the Concave family, let me know! And now I’m here… I love the boots, I love the way they feel. I wore a pair of the Halo’s during one of my training sessions and I did things I’ve never done before and I don’t know if it was the boots but I felt like a completely different person and it was so cool so I’m so glad to be part of the family and get out there and do my thing!

How well do you feel the technology works?

Well, I’m not a striker, I’m a defender so when I’m striking the ball it’s not towards the goal, it’s for clearances, etc, but even in that I can feel the difference. They’re just so light. That’s what we need in boots. The heavier they are you kind of feel like you’re being dragged along so the fact that they’re so light, when I’m running it feels like I’m running on a cloud.

Do you feel the brand fits your personality and the way you approach the game?

Yes, definitely. I’m outgoing and I do my thing. I’m not a follower, I’m a leader. I go off and do my own thing. I don’t go off the hype of everything and everyone else. You want to be unique and do you and that’s exactly what Concave is about, which drew me to be a part of the family.

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